TruFlora: In Harmony With Nature

When grown, harvested and enjoyed with intention, cannabis has the power to connect you to a deeper sense of self, releasing tension and stress. Offering three varietals of herbal blended “spliffs” (pre-rolls) made at their farm Sunboldt Grown in Humboldt County, each spliff is sourced from organic, sun-grown cannabis mixed responsibly with herbs designed to calm, uplift and raise your frequency.

Does Smoking Botanicals with Weed Enhance your High?

You’re probably familiar with spliffs — weed rolled with tobacco — but people roll cannabis with other plants, too. Cannabis media outlets have listed the best herbs to pair with weed, and TruFlora sells pre-rolls (in California) that include lavender and passion flower. That said, smoking herbs is nothing new. People around the world have long smoked them, often for medicinal purposes.

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“Right now people are slowing down, turning inward, and looking deeper into themselves and the world around them,” say De La Torre and Kay. “Cannabis is medicine, and now more than ever is being used as a way to uplift and provide joy while helping people turn inwards and heal from the current trauma happening around the world.”

TruFlora Feel Good Pre-rolls Available at Cornerstone Wellness

As the name suggests, TruFlora’s Feel Good pre-rolls are an uplifting, energetic and euphoric blend with fragrant herbal-spiced notes. Southern Humboldt California Cannabis blended with medicinal herbs, [TruFlora] is also cherished by smokers looking for an alternative to nicotine.

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TruFlora produces salves and herbal spliffs made from blends of medicinal herbs and cannabis that’s sourced from small, sustainable farms. The company is founded by equity advocates, Erica Kay and Carlos De La Torre, who also founded Cornerstone Wellness (see retail/storefronts), and sit on the board of  United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA).

TRUFLORA Herbal Blended Spliffs: Good Feels Feel Good

This is Trūflora, a new kind of herb-blended cannabis pre-rolled spliffs who’s separate parts combine to make a more magical whole. Created by the owners of Cornerstone dispensary in LA, using organically sun grown cannabis from craft farms like Sunboldt Farms in Humboldt County, these herbal infused spliffs will enhance your high and sing to your soul-strings with the highest vibrational frequencies possible.

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What’s In A Name?

“[Strain] Names are just not relevant anymore,” says Erica Kay, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wellness dispensary. Back in the day, Kay explains, the cannabis strains believed to be the oldest—Hindu Kush, Afghani, Thai, Aceh and Nepalese—were named after their birthplaces in Central and South Asia. These indigenous strains, known as landraces, were the ancestors to the thousands of hybrids we smoke today.

TRŪFLORA Cannabis: Encouraging The Use Of Compassion Based Healing

TruFlora is our line of high quality herbal spliffs and salves that include a thoughtful combination of medicinal herbs and cannabis. And our Cornerstone Wellness brand is a line of full spectrum healing oil concentrates for patients in need of more serious treatment.

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TrūFlora, this is really yummy herb shared in a mini pre-roll style.
Grown outdoors, (I believe you can taste the difference) by Humboldt located, Sunboldt grown.
I smoked some TrūFlora mini pre-rolls just the other day and I can say that if I’m this charmed by their outdoor grown terroir.